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Automate Your Trading To Profit In Any Market

Auto-trade our strategies in your account - profit in bull and bear markets.

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Annualized Return

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Algorithmic Futures takes care of the complex research, backtesting and automation of trading strategies. Set up a Tradestation acccount and receive trades directly into your account. View all of your trades, positions and performance online. 

YTD 2024:

Quant Micro: -15.2%, -$2,287

HFT Alpha: +1.4%, $282

Dynamic: -17.4%, -$6,081

Diversified Algo: +29.8%, $14,920

Diversified Plus: +23.4%, $15,202

Since Inception:

Quant Micro (Dec-21): +2.9%, +$435

HFT Alpha (Jun-20):  +95.3%, +$19,062

Dynamic (Mar-21): +54.4%, $19,056

Diversified Algo (Nov-20): +152.6%, +$76.312

Diversified Plus (Nov-20): +128.1%, +$83,290

100% Algorithmically Traded Portfolios

Algorithmic Futures provides trading systems that allow you to auto-trade our strategies in your trading account. Trading is 100% hands-off for our customers. Subscribe monthly with account minimums as low as $15,000.

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Simplify Trading to Avoid Wasting Time and Money Trying to Time The Stock Market


Benefit From Strategies that Trade Long and Short to Profit in Bull and Bear Markets

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Trade Multiple Quantitative Strategies to Diversify Among Different Trading Styles

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Utilize Systematic Strategies to Remove the Guesswork and Eliminate Emotional Trading

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Our Investment Philosophy

Algorithmic Futures has developed algorithmically traded portfolios of futures strategies because we believe its the optimal method to achieve high performance and grow wealth over time.

Long & Short Portfolio

Outperform in bull and bear markets with a balanced portfolio of long & short trades.

Futures Trading

Futures allow trading with leverage across equity, bond, commodity and currency markets.

Quantitative Research

Utilize quantitative research to analyze strategies objectively, test performance and optimize trades.

Strategy Diversification

Trade a variety of uncorrelated strategies to diversify and reduce portfolio volatility.

Algorithmic Execution

Execute trades algorithmically based on trading signals to avoid manual trading, emotion and stress.

Compound Returns

Increase trading units as your account size grows to benefit from compounding returns.

Long-Term Focus

Understand portfolio risk to stick with the strategies during drawdowns and tough market enviorments.

Stop Losses

All strategies are traded with profit targets and stop losses to reduce risk and limit losses.

Crisis Alpha

Intraday momentum strategies tend to capture alpha during periods of market crisis and market volatility.

See How It Works!

Learn how Algorithmic Futures develops our strategies and portfolios on the Tradestation platform. Compare all 5 of our automated trading portfolios to find the best system for you.



Our Diversified Trading Systems Use Multiple Strategies Across Various Futures Markets and Trading Frequencies



Statistical Research and Walk-Forward Analysis are Utilized to Create Robust Backtests and Portfolio Optimization 



Auto-Trade Your Account Using Our Algorithms to Eliminate Emotional Trading & Reduce Market Stress

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